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Spice Board of India


Spice Board of India


As per latest release from Spice Board of India, the exports of spices from India during 2010-11 has registered an-all-time-high both in quantity and value, surpassing the export target of 465,000 tonnes valued Rs. 5,100 crore for the financial year 2010-11.

The Spices Board Chairman V J Kurian mentioned that during 2010-11, a total of 525,750 tonnes of spices and spice products valued at Rs. 6,840.71 crore (USD 1,502.85 million) were exported, as against 502,750 tonnes valued at Rs. 5,560.50 crore (USD 1,173.75 million) in 2009-10. This is an increase of 5% in volume and 23 % in rupee terms of value.

During 2010-11, the export of chilli, ginger, fennel, garlic and other spices including asafoetida and tamarind has augmented both in volume and value as compared to 2009-10. The total quantity of 18,850 tonnes of pepper valued at Rs. 383.19 crore was exported as against 19,750 tonnes valued at Rs. 313.93 crore last year, registering an increase of 22 per cent in value. The unit value of pepper has increased from Rs. 158.95 per kg in 2009-10 to Rs. 203.82 per kg 2010-11, he said.

A total quantity of 1,175 tonnes of cardamom (small) valued at Rs. 132.16 crore, was exported in 2010-11, as against 1,975 tonnes valued at Rs. 165.70 crore last year. The unit value of cardamom (small) increased from Rs. 839 per kg in 2009-10 to Rs. 1,124.79 per kg in 2010-11.

During the said financial year chilli export from India registered an all time high in both volume and value with exports of 2,40,000 tonnes of chilli valued at Rs. 1,535.54 crore as against 2,04,000 tonnes valued at Rs. 1,291.73 crore last year, registering an increase of 18 per cent in quantity and 19 percent in value.

Export of ginger also rose considerably from 5,500 tonnes valued at Rs. 46.75 crore last year to 15,750 tonnes valued at Rs. 121.31 crore in 2010-11, showing an increase of 186 per cent in volume and 159 per cent in value.